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Public Relations in all its forms is our very own focal point. Corporate communications, brand communications, media relations, blogger relations, press releases and media materials, live communications and press conferences and much more.

media channels in your hands

We have a strong expertise in content marketing and social media marketing and kindly support you with corporate blog, corporate newsroom services and the development of your very own brand community.

paid advertising

Furthermore, we gladly help you with selected paid media activities, such as advertorials, advertisements, media planning and consulting for online advertisement including facebook ads and banners.

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Our biggest talents

Public Relations
Online PR
Content Marketing

Strategic Consulting

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The first question is: What are your company’s goals? The second: What shall our communications achieve for you? With our strategic consulting we enable you to make thoughtful decisions in regards to your B2B and B2C communications, provide you with a communications strategy and PR plan and support you along the way in all communications matters, even if you are facing a crisis situation.

Media Relations & Storytelling

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To be heard and to earn trust in a very heterogeneous media market, like the German one, it requires a well-prepared press office. We support your efforts with strategic consulting, tailored media relations activities including the development and distribution of media information and materials, and a long-term relationship building with media representatives and multipliers.

Content Marketing & Social Media

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Content Marketing gives you the opportunity to enhance your SEO and communicate your key messages directly as you create and distribute your own content in your own media channels. We support you with the setup of your corporate blog and newsletter, develop editorial plans based on your resources and focal points and even do the whole magic for you if needed.

Blogger Relations

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Blogger Relations describes the focused relationship building with blog editors with the aim to communicate the company’s or brand’s key messages through creative, interesting content. Standard press releases are a no-go. Good content and ideas are needed that will most likely inspire the blogger as a multiplier and ultimately his readers.

Copywriting / Corporate Publishing

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Whenever you communicate you need to form your thoughts in informative and entertaining media. We support you with the planning, creation and distribution of blog articles, social media news, press releases, flyers, brochures, advertorials, photo and video material, interview snippets as audio files and much more.

Live Communications

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Whether it is a one to one talk with a journalist, a press conference, a press trip or a glamorous reception – with our expertise in creating memorable moments we are offering you tailored, scalable live communications based on your needs. For the big gigs we involve our event specialists that will let your brand shine like a star.

Some facts

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