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The balance between our performance and your payment shall give both sides the certainty:
It was worth it.

Our PR philosophy

Successful PR is more than creating one media highlight after another. The essence of public relations remains RELATIONS. With our work we relate to and engaging with opinion leaders, multipliers and the broader public – potential customers. It really is a little bit like dating. Not for the one night stand but for a mutually beneficial relationship. This understanding is core to our PR philosophy which also defines our client relationships. We want you to feel in the best possible hands. Therefore our service is personal, transparent and straight-forward at all times. A client account at Big Bang & Whisper will never be handled by any interns, but experienced consultants, known to the client personally. And our clients always know the status of each running project. For us it is essential that you understand what PR can and what it can not do for your Look at the services we offer to target earned, owned and some paid media.

How much does public relations cost?

You are looking for support but do not know what to expect in terms of budget? Let us talk about it openly. Our conversations remain free of charge until you sign a reasonable offer. Public Relations & Communication can – like everything in life – be implemented more comprehensive or rather inexpensive. As valued client you determine the scope of work.

We are communicators

We know how medias tick, what people see, read and listen. And we know what is needed to make you being the talk of town.

We tell your story

We offer creative ideas and concepts for communicative solutions and the strategically sophisticated execution of targeted communications measures. Our passion is to help you shine in public – with our services in public relations, marketing communications, social media & events. We are storytellers.

We build your stage

Sometimes the help of other exceptional talents and creative minds is needed to make things happen. In this case we ask our partners for help, people that share our dedication, enthusiasm and approach to deliver the best results.