Introducing Swapfiets – the Netflix of bike rentals coming to Germany


Swapfiets started in the Netherlands in 2014 as an idea of three students. They recognised that bicycles are the best solution for individual mobility in cities, but nobody really wants to take care of maintenance and repairs when owning a bike. This is how Swapfiets was founded as the worlds first monthly bicycle subscription service with an on-site repair service included. In 2019 Swapfiets contracted Big Bang & Whisper for PR & communications of the launch and expansion of Swapfiets in the German market. The task was to introduce the idea of a monthly bike subscription to customers while clearly communicating the differences to existing bike rentals or the stationary bike trade. Swapfiets was a truly unique newcomer and one of a kind.


bottom up (regional to national)

clear key messages

trials / product tests

initial focus on local media


Big Bang & Whisper localized all PR efforts, targeting initially not national media but focused on regional and even small local media, announcing the launch of Swapfiets in each city.

With a newsroom tool integrated in the Swapfiets website we created a fully functional digital press office, the umbrella for all our PR services.

PR success was built on providing valuable information to journalists, always making sure that the differences between rental – subscription – leasing or owning a bike are understood. Based on the local buzz generated by Big Bang & Whisper across the country, Swapfiets was quickly recognized as truly innovative solution and addition to the mobility mix in cities.


Big Bang & Whisper started to communicate for Swapfiets in April 2019. Within a few months, regional media in all Swapfiets cities reported about the newcomer not only once but several times. Swapfiets continued to stay in the media being an example for a new thinking in sharing economy and made news not only in regional and local newspapers but large national online, tv and radio programmes. The office of Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economy and Energy, invited Swapfiets for a media collaboration showcasing Swapfiets as good solution in the mobility mix to solve traffic problems of cities.

In 2019 Swapfiets was mentioned in more than 1.300 media articles and programmes across Germany reaching audiences of more than 260 million people. Generally speaking, within less than one year Big Bang & Whisper helped to make the Swapfiets brand be known by all German citizen.


media clippings in 2019


people reached