Blogger Relations for Swedish fashion brand me&i



me&i is a Swedish clothing company that makes clothes with a unique design and comfortable fit. me&i was founded in 2004 by Susan Engvall and Helene Nyrell from the kitchen table in their homes in Barsebäck, Southern Sweden. Their dedication led to a colorful, eco-friendly and fair producing brand for children & women. Since 2010 in Germany, me&i decided to contract Big Bang & Whisper to focus on PR and marketing communications.

The task: To increase revenue for the German market and to increase the number of staff (me&i sales representatives) while establishing a likable, trustworthy image of me&i.


As me&i clothing is no mass product, each collection appears right when the new season starts. Therefore long-term print co-operations were never possible to arrange, simply because media needs material way earlier than me&i can communicate the new designs for each season. Consequently, Big Bang & Whisper suggested a short- / mid-term strategy focusing on online media. By developing strong blogger relations with targeted storytelling, we presented me&i broadly in dedicated family / parenting & mother blogs as well as selected magazines. Furthermore Big Bang & Whisper supported with several trade fair appearances.


More than 200 happy Twitter followers within one year. A daily increasing Facebook fan base of more than 3.000 German moms looking for eco-friendly clothing and the newest me&i designs + multiplication through Google+ and Pinterest.

Increased revenue within 1 year by more than 40% plus 100% more staff selling me&i products in Germany.

Overall very positive public image in articles, posts and comments in more than 50 dedicated blogs focusing on parenting / family topics / kids fashion and further media.