Date: Discussing Event PR at HUBRAUM in Berlin


BACARDI launching Martini Spirito in Moscow in 2013

I am going to discuss the importance of Event PR as well as DO’s and DONT’s at the Berliner PR-Stammtisch’s Get Together on May 22nd 2014. Join me at HUBRAUM Berlin:

Date:  22 May 2014, 19:00
Location: Hubraum, Winterfeldtstr. 21, Berlin

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Promoting corporate health and wellness with

machtfit is Germany’s first service portal that connects companies, their staff and certified providers of preventive services to promote corporate health and wellness. Entering the market in 2012, today machtfit services more than 1.000 employees in and around Berlin. In Germany more than 50 companies use the services of machtfit to offer their employees regionally specific fitness courses to stay healthy.

From May 2014 Big Bang & Whisper (Sebastian Hesse) is supporting  machtfit with focused PR and communications management promoting corporate health and wellness across Germany.

Learn more about machtfit here:


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How “Fantasy Island” can help tourism marketers today

Do you remember the US Series “Fantasy Island”, produced in the 70ies and 80ies by Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg? With 151 episodes it was one of the most successful series of its time.

Why? Because it invited its audience to dream and to go on a fictive vacation with the actors. Fantasy Island told a great story as it combined a luxurious destination with real-life and day to day problems all of us face from time to time. Reality met fiction.

In Germany the concept was copied with the series “Insel der Traeume” (Island of Dreams) running in the early 90ies, probably because Germans simply love to travel – a cultural habit that not only Goethe told us about in his “Italian Journey” but that developed to be very typical German after WW2 and the “economic wonder” in western Germany.

The desire to travel and to experience foreign cultures is still there. The demand for luxurious vacations is rising again after some economic turn-downs in the German market.

So how can these TV series help tourism marketers today?

1) Simple thing: Learn from their great storytelling and import it in your own communications. There is nothing easier than working with an already existing desire (to travel). Tell the right (engaging) story and people will listen.

2) Know your customers, make it personal. The cool thing about Fantasy Island was the fact that somehow this mysterious host on the island always knew anything about his guests – to make them feel welcome and help them to have a good time. You don’t have to employ psychologists, but do your homework and think of your customers realm of life.

Any other ideas on that? I would like to hear from you. Let’s discuss!

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Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2014 (German)

Top 5 Marketing Trends 2014Earlier this year I was invited by Weltbuch Publishing House and Marketing Club Dresden e.V. to look into my crystal ball to find out how Marketing Communications will change in 2014. What can and do we have to expect? When we look at consumer trends of closely, we can easily estimate how 2014 will bring changes in marketing and communications. Are you ready? 

Here you will find a PDF doc with my article (German language only) in “Kaleidoskop” magazine of Marketing Club Dresden e.V., that appeared last week.

Top 5 Marketing Trends 2014 

Further information is available at:
Marketing Club Dresden e.V.
Weltbuch Verlag

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Top 5 things to remember to avoid your Michael-Bay-Samsung-Moment

To the chagrin of Samsung and its testimonial itself, this weeks presentation of the new curved Samsung TVs at CES ended as a disaster. Not only Samsung will suffer from this disappointing showing but Hollywood director Michael Bay (“Transformers”, “Pearl Harbor”) as well maneuvered himself in an embarrassing situation. Worth mentioning, Bay commented on his performance on his blog very transparent. His honesty about his own failing deserves respect.  A reader commented “Glad to know you are human. Always a fan…”. I can only agree.  At the end Samsung got more media coverage with this outtake than it could wish for. And yes, also negative publicity is publicity and in many cases it turns out to be not as disastrous as previously expected. Samsung will surely still do very well selling these excellent new TV series.

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me&i Germany

Sebastian is an experienced communications consultant who quickly familiarized with our brand and provided very good results. His expertise in working with traditional media as well as in social media and content marketing has helped us to establish contacts with influential journalists and bloggers who have reported positively about us. Also thanks to Sebastians work, our commonly agreed objectives regarding revenue growth and employee recruitment were not only met but far exceeded. We appreciate the good cooperation that we are happy to continue in 2014.

Carina Josefsson
Country Manager, me&i Germany

Netflix Premio Event in Rio de Janeiro October 2013

Brazil – emerging market with pioneering PR know-how

Even though financial experts talk about risks in regards to emerging markets, such as Satyajit Das in his Article The Return of the Emerging Market Crisis, I strongly believe in the ability of these countries to surprise us now and in future in a very exciting positive way.

In October I had the chance to visit Brazil for a business trip through Sao Paulo and Rio checking potential strategic partnerships in regards to Rio 2014 and the upcoming Olympic Games in 2016. And a visit to my former colleagues at Weber Shandwick was a must. Actually, S2Publicom that is, Brazil’s leading PR agency that became part of the global Weber Shandwick family when joining IPG about 2 years ago.

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